Bayworld Centre for Research & Education

Marine Biology
Sharks and Marine Tourism

Research Associate:Dr Matthew Dicken (PhD - Rhodes University)
PE Museum/Bayworld
Research Interests:
  • Fisheries
  • Marine tourism
  • Non-consumptive use of marine fisheries
  • Apex predators, specialising in shark
Current Projects:
  • Population dynamics of white sharks within the Bird Island Marine Protected Area
  • Algoa Bay white shark beach and bather safety program
  • Long-term trends in fish catches during Angling Week
  • Tag biofouling growth on B-type tags attached to raggedtooth sharks
Former Projects:
  • Population dynamics of raggedtooth sharks in South Africa
  • Movement and behaviour of tiger sharks within the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area
  • Observations of white sharks scavenging from a whale carcass
  • Socio-economic study of tiger shark diving within the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area
  • Socio-economic study of the sardine run along the Pondoland coast
  • Investigation into the composition of fish assemblages within the Port of Ngqura
Collaborators:Dr Malcolm J Smale (Marine Biologist)
  - PE Museum/Bayworld
 Prof Stephen Hosking (Head of Developemnt Studies)
  - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Prof Tony Booth (Head of Economics)
  - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Prof Tony Booth (Lecturer)
  - Rhodes University
Former Students:Registered at: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Hadyn Skinner
Sardine run economics
 Hlombe Nkume
Tiger shark economics