Bayworld Centre for Research & Education

Marine Biology

Research Associate:Dr Malcolm J Smale (PhD)
PE Museum/Bayworld
Research Interests:
  • Shark biology, ecology and behaviour
  • Predator/prey interactions of apex marine predators
  • Prey identification using cephalopod beaks and fish otoliths
  • Marine protected areas
  • Cephalopod ecology
Current Projects:
  • Biology, ecology and behaviour of sharks
  • A critical assessment of the status and functioning of the Sardinia Bay Marine Reserve
  • Residency and movements of raggedtooth sharks in isiMangaliso Wetland Park
  • Predator/prey interactions on squid spawning grounds
  • Otolith Atlas of marine fishes from the SE Atlantic, SW Indian and Southern Oceans
Former Projects:
  • Status and prognosis of the smoothhound shark fishery off South Africa
  • Biology and ecology of gully sharks (Triakis megalopterus) off South Africa
  • Population dynamics and behaviour of raggedtooth sharks
  • Otolith Atlas of Southern African marine fishes
  • Octopus biology
  • Squid behaviour at their mating aggregations
  • Occurrence and ecology of tigersharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) off Aliwal Shoal
Collaborators:Dr Dale Webber (Biologist)
  - Vemco
 Dr Matthew Dicken (Researcher)
  - Straits Chemicals & Dpt. Marimie Studies, NMMU
 Dr Ronel Nel (Lecturer)
  - Dpt. Zoology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Dr Vic Peddemors (Head of Shark Research)
  - Dpt. Primary Industries, New South Wales, Australia
 Geremy Cliff (Head of Research)
  - KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board
 Prof Les Underhill (Professor)
  - Animal Demography Unit, Dpt. Zoology, University of Cape Town
 Prof Mike Roberts (Oceanographer)
  - Marine and Coastal Management
 Prof Tony Booth (Professor)
  - Dpt. Ichthology & Fisheries Science, Rhodes University
 Prof Warwick Sauer (Associate Professor)
  - Dpt. Ichthology & Fisheries Science, Rhodes University
 Prof William Froneman (Professor)
  - Dpt Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University
Research Team:Gillian Watson
  - Collections Manager
  - PE Museum/Bayworld
Current Students:Graduated
 Adrian Evans
An assessment into the functioning of the Sardinia Bay MPA and the ecology of shallow subtidal reefs
 Maryanne Roux
Intertidal fishes of the Sardinia Bay MPA and environs
 Registered at: University of Cape Town
 Alison Towner
Ecology of white sharks in Gans Bay, South Africa
 Registered at: Rhodes University
 Larvika Singh
Predator/prey interactions on squid spawning grounds
 Registered at: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Wesley De Klerk
Linefish of the Sardinia Bay MPA
Former Students:Graduated
 Ane Oosthuizen
Development and management framework for a new Octopus vulgaris fishery in South Africa
 Charlene da Silva
Status and prognosis of the smooth-hound fishery in South Africa
 Craig Smith
Population and ecology of octopuses in the southwestern Cape: a study towards establishment of a small scale fishery
 Dr Matthew Dicken
Population dynamics of the raggedtooth shark Carcharias taurus along the east coast of South Africa
 Gillian Watson
Reproduction, age and growth of the spiny dogfish, Squalus megalops, on the Agulhas Bank
 Nolubabalo Ntunzi
Rockpool fishes of the East London Marine Protected Areas
 Prof Warwick Sauer
Population characteristics of the chokker squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii / Ecology of spawning squid, Loligo vulagaris reynaudii