Bayworld Centre for Research & Education

Applied and Physical Oceanography

Research Associate:Prof Mike Roberts (PhD - University of Cape Town)
Marine and Coastal Management
(Honorary Research Associate)
Research Interests:
  • Ocean currents, eddies, ecosystem functioning, ocean energy, squid, coelacanths
  • Moorings and buoys, ship surveys, technology development.
Current Projects:
  • Squid research (Deep spawning and ROMS-IBM)
  • Tsitsikamma return current
  • Long-term monitoring in SWIO
  • Long term monitoring
  • ACEP - Natal Bight circulation
  • Eddies in the Mozambique Channel
  • Transkei current measurements
  • Coelacanth environmental studies through ship surveys
  • Research and development of real-time monitoring of the Agulhas Current
Former Projects:
  • Capacity Building - NORAD
  • Deep Blue (Real-time underwater video sampling)
  • Production of electronic/internet Ocean Atlas
  • Development of satellite drifters
  • Setup of underwater monitoring in the SWIO
  • Sodwana Bay Corals
  • Robben Island pipeline study
  • Cold Ridge on the Agulhas Bank
  • Coastal upwelling on the Agulhas Bank
  • Environmental influence and electronic tagging of squid
  • Ecosystem functioning of the Agulhas Bank
Collaborators:Bjorn Backeberg
  - Univeristy of Cape Town
 Christian Mullon (IBM Developer and Researcher)
  - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
 Dr Jenny Huggett (Biological Oceanographer)
  - Marine and Coastal Management
 Dr Ray Barlow (Chemical Oceanographer)
  - Bayworld Centre for Reasearch & Education
 Eckhart Schumann (Physical Oceanographer)
  - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
 Frank Shillington (Professor and HOD)
  - University of Cape Town
 Jean-Francois Ternon (Physical Oceanographer)
  - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
 Mike Schleyer (Marine Biologist)
  - Oceanographic Research Institute
 Pierrick Penven (Ocean Modeller)
  - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
 Roy van Ballegooyen (Modeller)
  - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
 Stewart Bernard (Remote sensing)
  - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Research Team:Bradley Blows
  - Senior Oceanographic Technician
  - Bayworld Centre for Research & Education
 Marcel van den Berg (National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry)
  - Marine Research Technician 2
  - Marine and Coastal Management
 Rick Harding (National Diploma in Oceanography)
  - Marine Research Technician 2
  - Marine and Coastal Management
 Tammy Morris (M Tech - Oceanography)
  - Senior Oceanographic Technician/Projects Coordinator
  - Bayworld Centre for Research & Education
Current Students:Graduated
 Registered at: University of Cape Town
 Bernadino Malawene
Upwelling off Angosche, Mozambique Channel.
 Lisa Gaustella
Dynamics and influence of the Durban Cyclonic Eddy on the KZN Bight.
 Nazeera Hargey
Dynamics of the Port Alfred upwelling cell, Eastern Agulhas Bank.
 Veronica Dove
Variability of Chlorophyll a concentrations in Sea Surface Temperature using MODIS in the Delagoa Bight, southern Mozambique.
 Registered at: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
 Cornelia Nieuwenhuys
(M Tech)
The ocean circulation in the Natal Bight based on measurements from ship ADCP surveys, moored ADCP's and surface satellite-tracked drifters.
 Gavin Louw
(B Tech)
Developing a deep sea mooring acoustic telemetry system.
 Jarred Voorneveld
(Diploma - Oceanography)
Agulhas Current Retroflection anomalies as derived from daily Argo profiling
 Jethan d'Hotman
(Diploma - Oceanography)
Intermediate water masses in the Mozambique Channel and their distribution
 Katherine Moffett
(Diploma - Oceanography)
 Tahlia Henry
(Diploma - Oceanography)
Realtime Underwater Acoustic Relay Network
Squid Paralarvae IBM modelling project
Flowcam Species Identification from the ACEP III Suitcase Cruise
Former Students:Graduated
 Fiona Cuff
(Honours - Oceanography/Geography)
Geographical Information Systems
 Lisa Hancke
(M Tech - Oceanography)
Dynamics of the Tsitsikamma Current with implications for larval transport of chokka squid (Loligo reynaudii) on the Eastern Agulhas Bank.
 Tammy Morris
(M Tech - Oceanography)
Physical Oceanography of Sodwana Bay and its effect on larval transport and coral bleaching.
 Registered at: Rhodes University
 Katy Nicastro
 Lauren Steward
Linking the coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae) to its ocean environment.
 Paula Pattrick
Larval fish dynamics in the shallow nearshore of eastern Algoa Bay with particular emphasis on the effects of currents and swimming abilities on dispersal.
 Registered at: Unversity of Fort Hare
 Qayiso Mketsu
Environment of the South African Coelacanth.
 Registered at: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
 Angie Smook
 Gavin Louw
 Lee-Ann Jacobs
(B Tech)
Dipole eddies of the Mozambique Channel.