Bayworld Centre for Research & Education


Research Associate:Dr Ray Barlow (PhD - University of Cape Town)
Bayworld Centre for Research & Education
(Senior Research Fellow)
Research Interests:
  • Phytoplankton pigment biogeochemistry
  • Primary production
  • Phytoplankton physiology
  • Ocean Colour Remote Sensing
Current Projects:
  • Phytoplankton production and physiology on the southeast Agulhas Bank
  • Phytoplankton production and physiology on the Natal Bight
  • Phytoplankton pigment and absorption characteristics of Mozambique Channel eddies
  • Phytoplankton production and physiology In the southern Benguela ecosystem
  • Estimating phytoplankton photosynthesis and size classes from satellite ocean colour
Former Projects:
  • Phytoplankton pigment biogeochemistry in the northern and southern Benguela ecosystem
  • Absorption characteristics of phytoplankton communities in the Benguela ecosystem
  • Phytoplankton pigment and absorption properties in the Delagoa and Natal Bights
  • Satellite chlorophyll indices for investigating phytoplankton variability
  • NASA SeaWiFS pigment analysis round-robin experiments
Collaborators:Dr James Aiken (Director, CASIX)
  - Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom
 Dr Margareth Kyewalyanga (Director)
  - Institute for Marine Science, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Research Team:Tarron Lamont (MSc)
  - Marine Scientist I
  - Marine and Coastal Management
Current Students:Graduated
 Marianne Balarin
Phytoplankton photoacclimation
 Mutshutshu Tsanwani
Lipid biochemistry of pelagic fish
 Tarron Lamont
In situ and remotely sensed phytoplankton production
Former Students:Graduated
 Scarla Weeks
Applications of remote sensing in the Benguela ecosystem
 Stuart Gibb
(Post-doctoral fellow)
Marine pigment biogeochemistry