2011 Annual General Meeting
Chairmans Report

Closed Season

As you all know the 6 weeks has been removed from the government Gazette.
This does not mean it is totally gone. The threat of latent effort still exists.
We need to be diligent in filling out catch returns correctly and submitting them on time.

IUU Certificates

Please notify the dept when changing vessel details (new permits, certificates etc.) otherwise the vessel will not be released. If your fishing vessel licence expires during the trip, but the new one takes over you will need to split the trip in 2 to coincide with the FVLís.

Performance Reviews

We are still eagerly awaiting our reports. I have informed the dept that we need these in good time before the next allocation.

2013 Rights Allocation

The squid policy will still need to be reviewed. The dept plan to complete the rights allocation by July 2013 and finalize appeals by September 2013. At this stage we are very wary of the of the small scale fisheries policy as we are unsure how this will effect us.

Section 21 Rights Transfers

Off the record they say they are trying to have them done by end December.
However they are saying that it should be completed by March 2012.


We have joined Fish SA who are a similar body to Agri SA and represent all the major fisheries in S.A.

I have also been nominated to represent Port Users on the Port Consultative Committee.
However I will in all likelihood be resigning from this position.


On the whole it has been a quite year, not withstanding this I feel that due to my own work pressure A am unable to give the position of the chairman the attention it deserves.

I feel it may be time that we look for someone to take my place.
I would just like to thank the committee for their support.

In particular I would like to thank Greg who has been handling most of the major issues (letís all hope he doesnít get a life!).

Also I would like to thank Tanja who was thrown in at the deep end, but thankfully she is a strong swimmer.