• Executive Committee (Dagbestuur)
      Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer
    • Committee
      Executive Committee plus a Secretary and a maximum of five additional members (may in its discretion co-opt non-members for a specific purpose or task.)
    • Sub-Committee
      Nominated members appointed for a specific purpose
    • Research Committee
      Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Scientist from the Eastern Cape, Scientist from the Western Cape, Independent Scientist not involved in Squid Research. (The latter only to evaluate the scientific merits of applications for research projects.)
    • Executive Committee - Day to day business (Quorum two)
    • Committee - General business (Quorum four)
    • Annual General - During the first week of the closed season (Quorum 30% of members)
    • Extraordinary General - is a meeting requested by the members, on condition that 30% of members are in agreement with a request in writing, supported by a list of supporting members (Quorum 30% of members)
    • General - Mid year meeting during July/August every year (Quorum 30% of members)
    • Sub-Committee - When necessary (Quorum two thirds)
  3. VOTING (All decisions normally taken by consensus)
    • Executive Committee Meeting - Simple majority
    • Committee Meeting - Simple majority
    • Annual General and General Meetings - Simple majority
    • Extraordinary General Meeting - Two thirds majority
    • Amendment of the Constitution - Two thirds majority. The Chairman shall have a casting vote