Squid Open Season: Scientific Requirements for commercial boats


Skipper and owner must understand that cruise plan, movements of the boat and calling at port are subject to the scientific plan and requirements and not commercial requirements. Scientists on board must have the freedom of doing their job; they cannot and must not be pushed around. If skipper/owner are planning any arrangements, which may affect the scientific plan, they must discuss this well in advance with scientists on board and/or in charge.

  1. Boat must be sufficiently big (not smaller than Southern Fighter and other boats of that class; preferably bigger) - i.e 18m +.
  2. Scientists must have their own accomodation (i.e. not with the crew)
  3. There must be a place to safely store bins and equipment necessary do do research, collect samples etc. This may be bulky at times - tenderers must be prepared for this.
  4. Scientists must have some place to work, according to circumstances. Skipper must be prepared to provide them with some sheltered place (in the case of bad weather) to enable them to write down/enter data during analysis.
  5. Boat should have a toilet providing at least basic privacy.
  6. Boat should have at least basic ablution facilities. Biological analysis and working with chemicals requires cleanliness and thorough washing after the work.
  7. Acceptable food should be provided during the course of the trip.
  8. Please note that the vessel may be required to follow acoustically tagged squid overnight for a couple of nights.